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Joshua and Kristie Long purchased a small retail butcher shop in Bellmere, Caboolture in 2005. Concentrating on 100% quality and customer satisfaction, they built the business to a large turnover gourmet butcher, giving their customers new style meat cuts and ready made meals, without forgetting the good old fashioned healthy way meat used to be.   NO Hormones, NO steroids, and NO Added Preservatives. 

Long Yard Beef is a premium brand, capturing the quality, tenderness and flavour of the way meat used to be. We established our Long Yard Beef brand from sourcing hormone and steroid free livestock, to breeding and finishing our own on family owned “Court Le Roi” Station, in a natural, wholesome environment, putting us miles in front by developing the eye for a top quality product “from paddock to plate”.  Cattle are pasture raised to optimise flavour and consistency.






We pride ourselves on cattle wellbeing, care, with emphasis on their complete dietary nutritional requirements. Cattle are handled in a manner that minimises stress, which also assists eating quality.

Our cattle are NOT Halal slaughtered.

All cattle in our production system are free from added hormone treatments.

Long Yard Beef Company believe they have created the perfect clean, green hormone and steroid free product from… “The Heart of the Cattle Country” for their valued customers.

We are also very proud of our close relationship with our Lamb Suppliers - Melrose Wholesale Meats, who supply us with our top quality Tasmanian Lamb, hand selected each week.  The "Tasmanian Royal Reserve" lambs are pasture raised on the crisp, clean, rolling pastures of Tasmania and are all natural, hormone and steroid free. The Lambs are NOT Halal slaughtered.

Josh and Kristie are members of the Australian Butchers Guild and the Australian Meat Industry Council, attending regular conferences each year, thus keeping them up to date with the latest trends, equipment and food safety measures.

Long Yard Beef Company are constantly growing and improving their products and services. Because of this dedication and consistency, Long Yard Beef Company was awarded the 2012 Excellence in Business Award for Retail under 10 employees and the 2012 Business Achievers Award for the Food & Convenience Category taking them into The Bronze Hall Of Fame.



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Kristie Long

Director / Secretary


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